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ClimTools 2.9.1, 10-Oct-2006

What is ClimTools?

ClimTools is a collection of general and flexible programs for the management and analysis of variably formatted, observed or model-simulated geophysical data sets.

The ClimTools programs have been developped and tested in the context of several case studies in the fields of climate and climate impact research. The tools support the following tasks:

The ClimTools data formats were designed to allow for a smooth transition between different software packages, such as table calculators, statistics programs, Geographical Information Systems etc. The ClimTools programs were in particular designed to work together with two further specialized software packages: PINGO (Procedural INterface for Grib formatted Objects) and GrADS (Gridded Analysis and Display System).

The ClimTools software was developed by Dimitrios Gyalistras at the University of Berne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland, based on the RAMSES/RASS modelling and simulation software developed by Andreas Fischlin, Dimitrios Gyalistras and Juerg Thoeny at ETHZ.

ClimTools Documentation


The ClimTools software runs on Sun workstations and Apple Macintosh computers. It is distributed free of charge and can be obtained on request from Dimitrios Gyalistras.


This documentation is maintained by Dimitrios Gyalistras. Last updated 10-Oct-2006.