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Oldewurtel, F., Parisio, A., Jones, C.N., Morari, M., Gyalistras, D., Gwerder, M., Stauch, V., Lehmann, B. & Wirth, K. (2010).
Energy efficient building climate control using stochastic Model Predictive Control and weather predictions.
Paper presented at the 2010 American Control Conference (ACC2010), Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 30 June - 2 July, 2010.
[Article PDF 924 kB]


Artmann, N., Gyalistras, D., Manz, H. & Heiselberg, P. (2008).
Impact of climate warming on passive night cooling potential.
Build. Res. Inf. 36(2): 111-128.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 724 kB]


Christenson, M., Manz, H. & Gyalistras, D. (2006).
Climate warming impact on degree-days and building energy demand in Switzerland.
Energ. Convers. Manage. 47: 671-686.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 369 kB]


Jasper, K., Calanca, P., Gyalistras, D. & Fuhrer, J. (2004).
Differential impacts of climate change on the hydrology of two alpine river basins.
Clim. Res. 26(2): 113-129.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 674 kB]


Gyalistras, D. (2003).
Development and validation of a high-resolution monthly gridded temperature and precipitation data set for Switzerland (1951-2000).
Clim. Res. 25(1): 55-83.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 2.0 MB]


Xoplaki, E., Gonzalez-Rouco, J.F., Gyalistras, D., Luterbacher, J., Rickli, R. & Wanner, H. (2003).
Interannual summer air temperature variability over Greece and its connection to the large-scale atmospheric circulation and Mediterranean SSTs 1950-1999.
Clim. Dyn. 20(5): 537-554.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 1.3 MB]


Luterbacher, J., Xoplaki, E., Dietrich, D., Rickli, R., Jacobeit, J., Beck, C., Gyalistras, D., Schmutz, C. & Wanner, H. (2002).
Reconstruction of sea level pressure fields over the Eastern North Atlantic and Europe back to 1500.
Clim. Dyn. 18(7): 545-561.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 1.1 MB]


Luterbacher, J., Xoplaki, E., Dietrich, D., Jones, P.D., Davies, T.D., Portis, D., Gonzalez-Rouco, J.F., von Storch, H., Gyalistras, D., Casty C. & Wanner, H. (2002).
Extending North Atlantic Oscillation reconstructions back to 1500.
Atmosph. Sci. Lett. 2: 114-124.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 364 kB]


Wanner, H., Brönnimann, S., Casty, C., Gyalistras, D., Luterbacher, J. Schmutz, C., Stephenson, D.B. & Xoplaki, E. (2001).
North Atlantic Oscillation - concepts and studies.
Surv. Geophys. 22: 321-382.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 3.1 MB]


Schmutz, C., Gyalistras, D., Luterbacher, J. & Wanner, H. (2001).
Reconstruction of monthly 700, 500 and 300 hPa geopotential height fields in the European and Eastern North Atlantic region for the period 1901-1947.
Clim. Res. 18(3): 181-193.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 1.2 MB]


Riedo, M., Gyalistras, D. & Fuhrer, J. (2001).
Pasture responses to elevated temperature and doubled CO2 concentration: assessing the spatial pattern across an alpine landscape.
Clim. Res. 17(1): 19-31.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 3.8 MB]


Riedo, M., Gyalistras, D. & Fuhrer, J. (2000).
Net primary production and carbon stocks in differently managed grasslands: simulation of site-specific sensitivity to an increase in atmospheric CO2 and to climate change.
Ecol. Model. 134(2-3): 207-227.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 240 kB]


Schmutz, C., Luterbacher, J., Gyalistras, D., Xoplaki, E. & Wanner, H. (2000).
Can we trust proxy-based NAO index reconstructions?
Geophys. Res. Lett. 27(8): 1135 -1138.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 156 kB]


Luterbacher, J., Schmutz, C., Gyalistras, D., Xoplaki, E. & Wanner, H. (1999).
Reconstruction of monthly NAO and EU indices back to A.D. 1675.
Geophys. Res. Lett. 26(17): 2745-2748.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 1.4 MB]


Gyalistras, D. & Fischlin, A. (1999).
Towards a general method to construct regional climatic scenarios for model-based impacts assessments.
Petermanns geogr. Mittlg. 143(4): 251-264.
[Article PDF 5.3 MB]


Riedo, M., Gyalistras, D., Fischlin, A. & Fuhrer, J. (1999).
Using an ecosystem model linked to GCM-derived local weather scenarios to analyse effects of climate change and elevated CO2 on dry matter production and partitioning, and water use in temperate managed grasslands.
Global Change Biol. 5(2): 213-223.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 365 kB]


Gyalistras, D., Schär, C., Davies, H.C. & Wanner, H. (1998).
Future Alpine climate.
In: Cebon, P., Dahinden, U., Davies, H.C., Imboden, D., & Jäger, C. G. (eds.): Views from the Alps: regional perspectives on climate change. MIT Press, Boston, pp. 171-223.
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Riedo, M., Gyalistras, D., Grub, A., Rosset, M. & Fuhrer, J. (1997).
Modelling grassland responses to climate change and elevated CO2.
Acta Oecol. 18(3): 305-311.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 674 kB]


Fischlin, A. & Gyalistras, D (1997).
Assessing impacts of climatic change on forests in the Alps.
Global Ecol. Biogeogr. Lett. 6: 19-37.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 2.9 MB]


Fischlin, A., Bugmann, H. & Gyalistras, D. (1995).
Sensitivity of a forest ecosystem model to climate parametrization schemes.
Env. Poll. 87: 267-282.
[Abstract] [Article PDF 1.4 MB]


Gyalistras, D., von Storch, H., Fischlin, A. & Beniston, M. (1994).
Linking GCM-simulated climatic changes to ecosystem models: case studies of statistical downscaling in the Alps.
Clim. Res. 4(3): 167-189.
[Article PDF 7.4 MB]


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